Charlie’s Pizzeria

Charlie’s Pizzeria
4300 Roosevelt Boulevard


Giant Barney costume wearing a phillies shirt. Giant blow up pizza slice confirming the fact that they do NOT sell slices. An autographed poster of the 80’s pop/rock band the hooters. Multiple ceiling fans spinning on low, sending the aroma of baked goodness slowly around the room. Faded crooked pictures of family and friends. The waitress had crazy spiked white hair and seemed to have a liking toward our tattoos…Your first instinct after walking in here is that there is no possible way this place could serve the pizza that Philadelphia magazine dubbed “a cheesy, saucy oasis where you can score amazing authentic pizza.”

We decided to keep it simple, 2 pies…1 plain and 1 half sausage, half pepperoni for the four of us. The price is extremely reasonable. Roughly 10 bucks for a large pie. Let’s be honest. There’s not many things in life you can spend 10 bucks on and walk away satisfied, but getting a pizza cooked to perfection is rarely one of them…especially in northeast Philly.

Alright, so 20 minutes after walking in the door I can understand why this place is on the top 50 pizza places in Philly. The sauce on the pizza is different than every other pizza joint. First off, it’s sauce on top….which is absolutely one my dark secrets among slice preferences. It actually tastes like your eating fresh tangy tomatoes. Nothing that comes from a can. So far the best sauce we’ve encountered on this epic pizza journey. The cheese was actually whole slices of mozzarella, not that shredded non sense. The toppings were so flavorful. They tasted like they were ripped from a pig and put on your pie. Lastly the crust was perfect. Hardly do I ever eat the crust because I hate filling myself up on dough, but I couldn’t resist. Slight char, crunchy bubbles. Almost reminds me of a local mack and mancos. Pretty sure that loading the toppings onto your crust that failed to make it in your mouth is an absolute must here.

All in all, this was one of the best local pizza experiences i’ve ever had. I would recommend this pizza to anyone…even the scumbags who visit this fine city in search of that infamous, perfect cheesesteak. I stand proud of a place that shells out this kind of quality to it’s customers. (insert slow movie clap here.)


Having devoured Charlie’s once before this occasion, I knew Castro was in for a real treat. If there’s anyone more fanatical than myself about the quest for the perfect pie, it’s him. There’re few pizza places that can really work a pizza with sauce on top, and Charlie’s is literally above the rest.

The decor and atmosphere reflected an ambiance reminiscent of a traditional pizza shop, bringing you back to a time long before chain pizza destroyed the world. The self-seating was also a comforting touch, which created a relaxing and inviting environment for up to as many as 100 people. I have to say that their tagline above their menu cannot be worded any better: Pizza The Way You Like It!

With their specialty pizza selection being a bit on the thin side, we kept it simple with some traditional toppings: pepperoni, sausage, and plain. Although I personally enjoy pepperoni pizza above other toppings, the sausage seriously stole the show in my opinion. Crumbled bits of real Italian sausage dominated each slice, leaving my plate speckled with discarded pieces. The fresh sauce was literally unbelievable. Charlie’s is one of the few places nowadays whose sauce hasn’t been stewing in a can. Between the welcoming staff, the amazing pizza, and the more than reasonable prices, Charlie’s has totally got it goin on.


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2 totally awesome, self proclaimed pizza experts on a never ending quest for the best slices in Philadelphia.

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  1. hey plic remember that ”magazine” i made you for your 18th birthday?

  2. Hahahahaha! Yes as a matter of fact I do! I’m sure I have it around somewhere. I’ll have to dig it up.

    And as far as where we plan on visiting in the future, we’re just gonna play it by ear. We’ve got a few places in mind, a few old favorites, and nothing but time. Any and all suggestions will be considered as well.

  3. Barbra O'Brien

    Love your descriptive and scrumptious critique of Charlie’s Pizza. I have lived close all my life and have never tried this pizza must have. When back in Philly I will make it a priority to splurge on a large plain provided I have a police escort for protection. Thanks Guys!

  4. Frank La Forgia

    Great Blog, yeas ago, I was a regular at Charlie’s, and totally agree that their Pizza is great.
    One of Charlies relatives opened, Vincent’s pizza on Grant ave, and we started to go there just to change things up. Vincent’s pizza is also very good.
    Roll on Dough Boys, the pizza lovers of the world await your future BLOGS.


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