The Grey Lodge


The Grey Lodge is somewhat of a landmark among beer connoisseurs in Northeast Philly. If you’re from Mayfair and haven’t heard of the Grey Lodge, you probably should be dragged out in the middle of Frankford Avenue and clubbed to death like a baby seal. They’ve been around for over 14 years. 10 rotating craft beers on tap and over 50 beers on bottle make this place unique among bars on the avenue. Quizzo is usually held every Wednesday night with a different topic weekly. The dimly lit bar and extending seating upstairs create a very relaxed atmosphere. However, I’m sure with all your visits and all your drunken tags on Facebook, you probably failed to notice that they actually serve pizza. Take a look at the menu, and you’ll see the famous grey lodge fries right above the usual suspects (burgers, cheesesteaks, wings.) However, what you won’t find is…you guessed it. Pizza.

After speaking with the bartender Jeff, he told us that the pizza is made to order. They can cook you a pie topped with pretty much whatever you want on it. After hearing this, it was intriguing but at the same time it was concerning. This could only mean that the dough is frozen, waiting for that special someone to come in and order it. Jeff helped us make our decision by recommending just getting 2 pies, with 4 separate toppings. What could possibly be bad about that selection?

We went with half BBQ chicken, cheddar and bacon and half provolone cheesesteak w/green peppers on the first pizza. For the second we went with traditional toppings, half tomato and half pepperoni. While we waited for these beastly mounds of cheese and sauce to cook, we ordered a couple pints of the summer beer on tap: Boulder Sweaty Betty Blonde. It’s seasonal summer wheat beer, which went excellent with our gluttonous smorgasbord of toppings. After about 15 minutes, our pies arrived.

The BBQ chicken and bacon pizza was superb. The sauce tasted like a specialty sauce. Sweet, almost as if it was BBQ sauce mixed with a combination of pizza sauce and something else. It had huge chunks of seasoned blackened chicken on top. The cheesesteak and green pepper was also quite good. It was enough to put on a roll and make a sandwich. It was probably better than any of the other places on the avenue could whip up. But to be honest, the pepperoni and tomato were quite bland without the addition of some sexy Sriracha chili sauce. I think it had something to do with the crust. It was just regular plain thin crust. Reminded me almost of a tombstone crust. Not saying that there’s anything wrong with tombstone…I’m just sayin.

Alright, having devoured 6 slices on this particular visit I’m gonna say that I’m pretty satisfied. Stay away from the traditional pies and stick with the BBQ chicken and bacon or the cheesesteak. But then again, if you’re at the Grey Lodge eating food, you’re probably a few 6%+ ABV beers into your visit…and eating anything they offer is gonna be rad as shit. Next time you’re there, check the pizza out. When you wake up in the morning and you find BBQ sauce all over your steering wheel and shifter, you know you had a pretty good night.


My pizza-loving counterpart couldn’t have put it any better. Never have I had anything less than outstanding when visiting the Grey Lodge until I tried this pizza. Don’t get me wrong, the BBQ chicken and cheesesteak pizzas were still pretty decent considering the crust was anything but fresh. But I can only imagine how much better it would’ve tasted had it been on a freshly made and thoroughly cooked mound of dough.

The BBQ and tomato sauce created an interestingly sweet and tangy combination that you really don’t get at many places. Cheesesteak and peppers needed to be jazzed up with some ketchup, and the pepperoni and plain wasn’t anything worth mentioning. The cheesesteak and chicken pizzas were loaded with enough toppings to make me forget about the mediocre crust, but I couldn’t say the same for the plain and pepperoni. When going to the Grey Lodge, I would recommend their crab cake sandwich (also made to order), prime rib sandwich, or BBQ chicken bacon wrap. But if you insist on having pizza at the Grey Lodge, def go with the BBQ chicken and bacon.

I certainly hope this review doesn’t deter anyone from visiting the Grey Lodge. Between their plentiful selection of craft beer and almost always delicious food, the Grey Lodge has been a favorite of mine for quite some time. Even if the pizza isn’t on the menu, a good time always is. As awesome as it may sound, drinking beer and eating pizza in the middle of the afternoon after a long night isn’t exactly a good idea. I wouldn’t say it was much deserved since I had just filled up on gluttony, but a nap was definitely in order after my visit.


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  1. Had the pizza at darts there one night, and I’m pretty sure it was Joe Corbi’s doctored up. Still not too shabby for an ave bar


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