Special Edition: Guest Reviewer Nickki Duban


There comes a time in the life of a Doughboy where personal and professional obligations get in the way of our pizzeria passion. After all, Castro is keeping the bad guys off the streets five days a week and I’m…trying to grow a mustache. Anyways, our good friend Nickki recently took a trip to New York and tried some decent pizza. So without further adieu, here’s our first Doughboys Guest Review. If you’re interested in doing one as well in the near future, feel free to drop us a line either on here or via Facebook.

Nickki Duban:

So the hubs and I decided to take a weekend trip to the big apple two weekends ago with the express goal of being tourists. I’m a pizza freak – one thing I had to do while I was there was have a genuine slice of New York pizza.

You know how in Philly and you get asked which is the better cheesesteak? “Go to Pat’s! Go to Geno’s!” Pshhhhhhhhhh! I’ve learned from living in this fine city that the best spots to get some great grub are actually the corner mom and pop shops. Applying the same logic, we avoided Lombardi’s and Grimaldi’s and went in search of a local pizza shop.

Insert Bella Vita pizzeria here. Nestled on West 58th street near Central Park, this cozy (tiny) pizza place looked like Montesini’s pizza in the Mayfair Mall had been smushed into a row home back bedroom. Thankfully, a large tarp sign and a neon pizza sign guided our way. Scaffolding surrounded the building around it. A few two tops by the window, a few 4 tops near the door, this place screamed high delivery or high walk-in/out (like Lorenzo’s on South).

Approaching the counter, the counter dude seemed aloof and the selection was limited. The prices were spot on for the size of the slice $2.50 for plain, $3 for topped. I can dig it. I spotted a pie of tomato and mozzarella swirls. Winner! I ordered a very large slice. The hubs followed suit by getting a slice of pepperoni and a slice of sausage and mushroom. Slices went in the oven first downside – no fountain soda. I love me some fountain coke, but went with a bottled drink.

My slice came out piping hot from the brick oven, bigger than the plate and I was in love. A thin crispy crust topped with tomato sauce and fresh (yes fresh!) mozzarella. Delicious, not too greasy, and just the right amount of everything. I looked at the hubs and my review was complete “I want to go order another slice”.

He didn’t fare as well as I did. The pepperoni slice was good, but the sausage and mushroom was gross. He picked off a piece of sausage for me to try – I couldn’t even finish chewing it. It was a cross between bellybutton lint (in color) and very bland breakfast sausage (in seasoning). That was supposed to be Italian sausage? Yikes! He said he wished he’d ordered two of the pepperoni.

So lesson learned with this place, stick with the classics. They do them big and they do them well. Next time I go to NY I’ll definitely be going back.


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