Mojo’s Pizza and Grill

Mojo’s Pizza
8107 Frankford Avenue


On a tiny block of Frankford Avenue, just north of Welsh Road, lies a pizza place with some of the most unusual selections you’ll find in Northeast Philly. If you’re distracted as you drive by, you may in fact miss it. Mojo’s Pizza. I’ve never even heard of this place until we got a recommendation for something that just sounded way too amazing to pass up. A pizza so unique, it seems like it should be a selection on the menu of a gourmet restaurant rather than a pizza joint on Frankford Ave.

Roast. Beef. Pizza.

Picture this: Roast beef…not your typical deli sliced roast beef. I’m talkin about roast beef your grandmom used to make, drizzled with thick brown gravy and fried onions. Now, take that roast beef and chop it up on the grill. In comes the dough…the dough was dough. However, add some garlic and a few other seasonings to the crust, and you got yourself a nice textured and an extremely flavorful foundation for a pizza. Now, remember that roast beef we talked about earlier? You know, the roast beef with the drizzled brown gravy and fried onions? Drop that on your dough and then generously spread a huge handful of American and mozzarella cheeses on top. Toss it in the oven for a good 10 minutes and you got something sweeter than yoo-hoo.

This pizza was absolutely delicious. The cheese was melted and drippy, reminding you of the cheese you’d get on a hot roast beef sandwich after it had a chance to sit for a minute. The roast beef was tender and chopped up to the perfect size for a pizza topping. No matter where you bit, you got a mouthful of that salty brown gravy and the sweet onions. My absolute favorite part was the crust. The seasoning baked into it is what really makes Mojo’s stand out from the crowd. If you hit every other pizza joint on the Avenue, you won’t find crust like this. As a secondary pie, we decided on another unique pick. Chicken, bacon and ranch pizza. Huge chunks of grilled chicken and giant pieces of crisp bacon topped with thick ranch dressing and mozzarella cheese. We even ate our pies in a pretty rad alley next door, reminiscent of the alley Jack Napier shot Bruce Wayne’s parents in.

We couldn’t have chosen better pizzas to do for this review. I actually thanked them for how delicious they were. From the looks of the place outside, you would think it was just another pizza shop in the neighborhood. Next time you decide you want Boston, England or Bill’s family pizza, I ask you to give Mojo’s a chance. They’ve only been open for a year, but they’re a solid contender for the best and most original pizza on the Avenue.


There’re few specialty pizzas out there that catch my attention these days. Between the usual suspects (BBQ Chicken Pizza, Buffalo Chicken Pizza, etc.) and the lack of imagination, I was starting to get a bit tired of eating the same old conventional pizzas. Enter Mojo’s, home of some of the most brilliant specialty pizzas out there. Located at 8107 Frankford Ave, this little taste of heaven can easily be mistaken for just another Northeast pizza place. But once you take a look at the menu, you’ll realize it’s anything but.

At the suggestion of my good friend Chris Snyder, I had to try Mojo’s. Although I was skeptical at first, never had I heard of a roast beef pizza before. Yeah, that’s right, roast beef pizza. And it was everything I had hoped it would be. Thickly sliced pieces of roast beef, chopped onions, brown gravy, American and Mozzarella cheese, all atop a mound of dough made this pizza hard to forget. Imagine a really awesome roast beef sandwich, and then imagine it in pizza form. The crust may have been a bit thick for my taste, but the baked in herbs and spices allowed me to make an exception. Not to be outdone, the chicken bacon ranch pizza was quite a contender as well. The mozzarella cheese coupled with ranch dressing created something almost like an Alfredo sauce, which tasted absolutely magnificent with the chunks of chicken and bacon. Be forewarned however, don’t make plans to dine in unless you plan on eating in the alleyway like Castro and I. If you’re going with Mojo’s, have it delivered.

I’m just as skeptical as the next Northeast neighbor when it comes to trying a new parlor on Frankford Ave. I too know the irritation of coming home from work to find a thousand menus from random restaurants wedged in my door. But if you happen to come across a Mojo’s menu, give it a shot for sure. On a strip where pizza places come and go, there’s no need to pray for Mojo.


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  1. Ate the shit out of this several times, and it was awesome every time.

  2. mojo’s crust rocks! i dont know if they make breadsticks out of it but i would buy them!

  3. They have the best pizza in Philly. Love it .


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