Montesini’s VS Renzi’s






Since Plichter was in an alcohol induced coma after partying hard with blink 182 the night before, this review will be handled by the more attractive, college degree-less doughboy.

The following match is scheduled for one fall! The 2 biggest names in Mayfair pizza go head to head in a no holds barred, steel cage match for the best slice this side of the Boulevard. Both are somewhat iconic and well known to the locals. Both are my neighborhood go-to pizza places for single slices. If you ask your friends who makes a better pie, you’re undoubtedly going to get a mixed review. In one corner you have Montesini Pizza. 26 years and counting, cooking up slices in the Mayfair mall. In the other corner you have Renzi’s. A notable 14 year veteran of Bridesburg, who opened a second shop in the northeast due to the demand by it’s customers. One shall stand…one shall fall.

Montesini Pizza
6420 Frankford Avenue, Mayfair Mall

I can vaguely recall getting out of school at St. Tims on a half day because of a snow storm. $5 bill in hand, I walked down to Montesini Pizza in the Mayfair Mall for lunch. Barely able to see over the counter, I’d place my order. 1 plain slice, 1 tomato slice and a small soda. Fast forward 20 years later, and I still get the same thing every time I go. The pizza here is always consistent and it always tastes exactly the same. Delicious. The slices are nice and crisp down the middle. When you make the standard pizza fold, you hear that beautiful snap from end to end. The sauce is sweeter than your average pizza sauce. The cheese was nice and stringy, with a few burn marks on it. When I wait in line for midnight video game releases, I always get a couple slices. It’s almost like a routine. As I sat in the booth by myself like a loser, that first bite was almost nostalgic. It reminded of a time when things were so simple. No bills. No job. Just a fat kid, eating pizza after school. Montesini will forever hold a special place in my heart.

Renzi’s Pizza
6300 Battersby Street

Renzi’s is somewhat of a newcomer to the northeast pizza game. They’ve been slinging pies off of Harbison Ave for roughly 3 1/2 years. However, don’t let the age fool you. The original Renzi’s has been holding their own in Bridesburg for 14 years. Majority of the people from down that way swear by it and would put it to battle against any local pizza shop. Renzi’s slices are huge, and dangle off the edge of your paper plate. I went with a tomato slice today, because I feel this is Renzi’s strongest pizza. Their sauce is different than everyone else’s. It’s a little thicker with a hint of garlic and spices. My favorite part are the slices of mozzarella cheese. You don’t find this very often among pizza shops. The full slices of cheese definitely hold in the flavor better than the shredded cheese. I wasn’t a huge fan of the body and crust. You need to tilt your head sideways, or bring it down on an angle because it’s a little flimsy. One edge renzi’s has is the fact that they bring it to you. I’ve gotten many a pie delivered to my door. (I of course set firecrackers off in a pot, gave him $13 and told him to leave it on the doorstep and get the hell out of there.)

This battle was fought valiantly by both opponents. Each came out swinging and entertained the crowd to the very end. Both can stand proud that they make one of the best slices in the neighborhood. However, Renzi’s can’t compare to the sweet tasting sauce that Monte’s has been cooking up for over a quarter century. Just when you thought Renzi’s was gonna finish the fight, Montesini’s choke slammed the Bridesburg native through the ceiling of the steel cage onto a pile of thumb tacks and secured the belt as the undisputed heavyweight pizza champion of Mayfair. Cue the music.


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  1. So that place on the corner of my old block is now Renzi’s? Montessini’s is great. I haven’t had a slice from there since I moved out of mayfair in 2002. Makes me sad really. I guess I will have to drag the girl there. Weird that I haven’t set foot on my old street in years and years and years.

  2. i wish montesini’s delivered! so yummy. i like renzi’s too, but i have to agree that montesini’s wins the battle if you take delivery out of the equation. have you tried conchetta’s? just had it again the other day and it was AWESOME! i’d love to hear your report on that one. keep up the good work doughboy – this teacher gives you an A+

  3. have been going to Montessinis for years but Renzis is awesome and i think i like them equally to be honest
    but to sit in and eat slices renzis shits on the entire mayfair mall even the back of montessinis is depressing
    and on another note try the chicken cordon bleu sandwich at renzis

  4. Montesini’s is still one of my all time favorites outside delorenzos and vinces. I grew up down the street at magee and frankford and I used to do the same, grab a slice on my way home ethan allen after a day full of fighting and name calling.

    great write up


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