Soho Pizza

Soho Pizzeria
218 Market Street


After a recommendation from one of our Facebook fans in which we would be dubbed “jerk-offs” and most definitely defriended unless we tried the BBQ chicken pizza from Soho Pizzeria, we knew it was a must that we venture to the heart of Olde City for a slice or four. As you walk in the door, you’re surrounded by wall to wall of red bricks and extremely exclusive seating. Staring at you like a predator stalking its prey was an enormous 600-degree, wood stone pizza oven, covered in beautiful ceramic tiles. I compare it to that pissed-off giant talking furnace from home alone. Yo, I wasn’t shook. They have numerous single slices available upon order for roughly $3 a piece. Anything from buffalo and ranch chicken slices to their famous “Olde City Favorite.” (Mozzarella, spinach, chopped tomatoes, garlic and feta cheese.) However, we were on a mission for the pizza that the City Paper labeled “simply the best BBQ chicken pizza in the city.” And to stay true to our pizza roots, we also went with a traditional pepperoni pie. The great thing about Soho is while your pies cook, you can grab a delicious jack and coke from their bar directly next door. Not to mention, for all you smokers, permission to spark up a butt.
(Smokers are jokers.)

Onto the goods. Our pies arrived fairly quick, one after another. You can tell the chef took his sweet time constructing the pizzas by the way the toppings were meticulously arranged. It seemed like each slice had an equal amount of perfectly laid out toppings, like something you’d see in a TV commercial. (I’m gonna let Plichter tell you about the BBQ chicken, since that idiot felt the need to bother me with every single detail.) The pepperoni pie reminded me of the perfect New York pizza. It was massive; probably about 20 inches in diameter. I absolutely fell in love with the crust. It was chewy but it still managed to sustain a certain amount of crispiness. It had a blend of garlic seasonings baked right into it. You could seriously eat the crust by itself like a breadstick with some dipping sauces. Man, it was beautiful…like seeing a baby born. The pepperoni was mildly spicy and smokey, like a really good quality Italian deli meat. I loved dangling the slice vertical and seeing the grease drip onto my paper plate. We couldn’t have ordered 2 more perfect pies.

Next time it’s 1 a.m. and you’re absolutely shitfaced from binge drinking your life away at Lucy’s or Drinkers, stop into Soho and grab yourself a slice. You’ll taste one of the best authentic New York slices this city has to offer. Afterwards I went home, watched serial mom and passed out into a pizza coma on my sofa. Success.


Although it seemed glamorous to some, my internship at WYSP was anything but at times. Making coffee, sending out invoices, and essentially doing bitch work became quite the irritant, making my lunch break all the more enjoyable. This was when I began frequenting Soho Pizza, located at 218 Market Street. Although I had passed it many a time in a drunken stupor after a night at Sugar Mom’s, I never took the time to actually try their pizza until that summer. And needless to say that once I did, it became my regular lunch spot during those long months.

My lunches back then consisted of two slices of pepperoni and a 20oz fountain soda, so ordering the pepperoni this time around was a no-brainer for sure. It’s a classic thin crust, with a plentiful amount of pepperoni evenly distributed over the pie, leaving just enough space between each bite. But that IDIOT Castro insisted on talking more about the pepperoni, so I’ll wrap up my review of the pepperoni on this note: It’s outstanding, but bring napkins. That thing can get greasier than my face.

Ok, I’ve had quite a few BBQ chicken pizzas in my day, so I honestly wasn’t expecting this one to be too much different. And on paper, it wasn’t. It had all the makings of your run of the mill BBQ chicken pizza: chicken, BBQ sauce, and cheese. However, this pizza totally exceeded my expectations. For starters, it just looked utterly perfect. It was the closest thing to pizzeria perfection I’ve ever laid eyes on. But looks can be deceiving, and I wasn’t sold until that first bite. Some pizzerias insist on using tomato sauce along with BBQ, which can sometimes be a distasteful combination. Fortunately, Soho refrained from such a poor decision. (They chose WISELY!) The bites without chicken were solely mozzarella cheese and BBQ sauce, served on an ultra thin and exceptionally tasty crust. The grilled and slightly charred chicken chunks were thicker than previous pizzas I’ve had before. And waiting for me at the end of this barbequed behemoth was the tastiest crust I’ve ever experienced. I have to agree with Castro; it was almost like a breadstick in itself. The dynamic flavor of garlic, olive oil, and oregano came crashing into my mouth like the waves of the 50-year storm. It was truly a rush.

Every pizza at Soho seems to be perfectly constructed, so don’t be afraid to try something different when you’re there. I don’t get out to Olde City too often these days, but I’ll be sure to stop by there every chance I get from now on.


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