Trios Pizzeria & Trattoria

Trios Pizzeria &Trattoria
342 W. Girard Ave.


This week’s review is a little different than others. Since our conflicting work schedules were making it tough to simultaneously place pizza into our mouths, we decided to split the review and each go a day apart. This works out perfect for me, seeing that I don’t have to look at Plichter’s stupid face while I consume food. (I’d also like to add that sitting alone and taking pictures of yourself eating can make for a pretty awkward situation.) Anyway…next on deck is a 2 year old pizzeria, deep in the heart on NoLibs called Trios Pizzeria & Trattoria. Wait a minute; I know what you’re thinking. No, you don’t need to put on skinny jeans and gauge your ear lobes to venture into this Northern Liberties establishment. Trios was actually quite nice. The interior décor was very laid back and relaxing, yet it maintained a certain level of class. The owner, Sal, was extremely hospitable and walked me through exactly how they make their pies. As you make your way to the front, to your immediate left, was an army of different slices to choose from. I snatched a menu from the counter and was greeted by a list of creative pizzas in their arsenal. For instance, the “siciliano”, which is a white pie topped with sausage, broccoli rabe and sun dried tomatoes. This is an authentic Italian recipe that you probably won’t find in too many Philly pizza dumps. Not to mention the “create your own pie” option with 30+ toppings available at your dismay. It’s understandable why Philly magazine gave them one of the top 50 joints in the city.

Almost immediately, I was drawn to the “rustica” pie. It was a square pie topped with chunks of seasoned, mildly spicy Italian sausage, and garnished with a pinch of red sauce. Extra virgin olive oil, fresh garlic, and super thin mushrooms (almost like they shaved them down with a razorblade) followed. This pizza was absolutely amazing. As soon as I bit into it I tasted every single ingredient and topping working together. The olive oil gave it a distinct flavor and kept me wettin’ my whistle as I came back for another bite. My favorite part was the sausage. This took the top spot as the BEST sausage I’ve had on a pizza. It tasted like something you’d pick up from the reading terminal or the Italian market. Definitely not something your corner pizza shop will have.

I was advised that in addition to the sausage, I MUST try their signature tomato pie. A thin, crisp, square pizza with grande mozzarella (part skim milk, part whole milk). It’s not your standard tomato pie. The only tomatoes are the gigantic plum tomatoes. Six, juicy bastards to be exact. They truly set off the flavor for the slice. As I bit down, my teeth busted open one of the plum tomaters and the juices ran down my chin. It was very pornographic.

Each pizza on the menu seems as if they’re family recipes passed down. Many will attempt to replicate these pies but none will duplicate. My personal recommendation goes to the rustica. That sausage was everything a growing boy could axe for. If you decide to hit Trios…do me a favor and be creative. They have a wide variety of traditional and authentic Italian pizzas to suit even the pickiest of eaters. After stuffing your face with a pretty fantastic pie, make sure you tell one of them mustached hipsters at the piazza to take a bath.


As disappointed as I was by the fact I wouldn’t be dining with Castro, I was relieved I wouldn’t have to witness plum tomato juice running down his face in a “pornographic” manner. In the words of Frank Costanza, “That’s perverse!” Trios Pizzeria & Trattoria has been a favorite of mine since it first opened. I’ve spent many a night there, usually before a night of rockin’ out and drinking at the Fire. I enjoy their pizza so much that I actually disowned a classmate after they badmouthed it. (She asked where a good pizza place was, I recommended Trios, and she bashed it. She said she would’ve preferred Papa John’s, and now we don’t talk anymore.) It’s one thing to disagree with me when it comes to pizza. I can understand that everyone’s entitled to his or her own opinion. But to choose chain pizza over authentic? If that’s the situation, you don’t deserve my respect.

What separates Trios from most other pizzerias is their extensive selection of slices. You can get a slice of pepperoni or plain at almost any pizza place. But at Trios, you can choose from about ten different slice pies at any given time. Although some classic constants remain (such as tomato pie or pepperoni), it’s not uncommon to find a slice of margherita or veggie ready for picking. And in this particular case, those were the two I went with.

The last few veggie pies I’ve gotten have been a bit disappointing. It seems like every place tries to overcompensate by overloading their pies with toppings, which weighs down the crust and ultimately causes a mess. Trios on the other hand has it all figured out. Their ultra thin crust is surprisingly sturdy, and can support a slew of toppings. But to compliment their already thin crust, Trios makes sure their toppings are thinly sliced and proportioned evenly. The tomato, spinach, garlic, red onion, mushroom, and extra virgin olive oil were distributed perfectly to create a broad yet uniformed taste. They seriously have topping-heavy pizza making down to a science.

As much as I enjoyed their veggie slice, the margherita edged it out for the position of preferred slice. Atop the crispy crust (glistening with olive oil) were the traditional toppings: sliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and basil. The tomato was heated to the perfect temperature, leaving it tender, flavorful, and juicy. The sliced mozzarella was also cooked well to the point where you could bite through it without causing a mess. The half inch pieces of basil were the perfect end to the perfect slice. As often as some talk about the margherita at Tacconelli’s being the best around, I think Trios might take the cake… Or in this case, the pie.

The bottom line is that Trios satisfies with their diverse slices and competitive prices. Two specialty slices and a large fountain soda will typically run you about eight bucks, which is totally reasonable in my opinion. It’s also worth mentioning that they usually offer some sort of lunch special, such as two slices and a fountain soda for around five dollars. So if you’re in the neighborhood, I feel bad for you. (I’m sorry, but there are too many pretentious hipsters in No Libs.) But if you’re in the neighborhood and you’re hungry, def check out Trios.


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  1. I had some bites of the left over Rustica and it was V E R Y G O O D. The crust was crisp and crunchy…I don’t want to become a reviewer over this pizza but I do give it a thumbs up. Would say…stop in and try it.


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