Gearo’s Pizzeria

1913 Welsh Road


Looking back on my post grade school years, Gearo’s played a vital role in my useless-overweight life. I vividly remember going to the Bustleton Avenue location when I was somewhat obese and eating endless amounts of mozzarella sticks until my 10:30 curfew on weekends. That’s when I’d call my mom to pick me up because I was afraid of getting beat up by Max Myers kids…but that’s a horse of a different color. In came the double shooting out front and they closed up shop, leaving the only spot open in our area on Welsh Road. People have been recommending Gearo’s to us since we started the blog. I feel like such a moron for brushing it off until now. It’s probably been 11+ years since I’ve eaten at here and I’m totally stoked that we saved it for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Wings, steaks, sandwiches…Gearo’s does them all. One thing that not too many people know is that they do pizzas up big. They offer a pretty husky list of toppings for the average pizza eater. Not to mention you have the choice of a 10″ pie or a 14″ pie. There’s also a nice little option called “The pie in the sky”, which is any 3 toppings for $13. We opted for a half sausage/mushroom and half bacon/sweet peppers. I expected this pie to be somewhat decent, but I never expected it to knock my L.A lights off. The sausage was sweet and flavorful. And they didn’t hold back either. Mounds of those little clumps graced our presence. The mushrooms only added to the plethora of deliciousness. I will say that the amount of schrooms was a bit much. Nevertheless, I finger blasted a few of them off the pie and we were back in business. Now the bacon and peppers definitely took the top spot as my favorite. Crispy, greasy, chopped bacon piled high to the ceiling and topped with juicy sweet peppers. This beautiful combination needs to make its way onto more menus around the city. Something about the tangy-spiciness of the peppers that works so well with the bacon. They belong together, like Riggs and Murtaugh. Bill and Ted. Bodhi and Utah. Zack and Kelly. Gearo’s red sauce was enough to bring about goose bumps to my Dexter tattoo. Perfectly spiced and laid on top of that ooey-gooey mozzarella cheese. Neapolitan style for yo’ ass.

All in all, I’d say Gearo’s outdid themselves with this pizza. I was more than happy with the way they flip pies. Having said that, I would like to see “pizza” on the front page of their menu and not nestled in the corner of the 2nd page. In my eyes, Gearo’s could quite possibly be one of Northeast Philly’s great sit down pizzerias.


It’s taken me this long to review the pizza at Gearo’s only because they have so much to choose from on their menu. I always feel obligated to get a pie, but their entrees and cheesesteaks usually prevent me from doing so. I had their pizza a few times in the past and I remembered it being pretty decent, but always buckled and went for my sure thing. But this is a pizza blog, not a cheesesteak blog. And it’s my duty to inform the people of their best bets for doughy eats.

The “Pie in the Sky” special allows you to pick three toppings of your choice on a large pie, but we decided to go with four altogether (at no additional charge). Half sweet peppers & bacon, half mushroom & sausage, and a half hour later we were good to go. There must’ve been a pound of toppings altogether, which totally made the $13 more than reasonable. Now the sausage and mushroom was delicious, with real seasoned Italian sausage and hearty sized slices of mushroom blanketing the whole pie. My only qualm with such an amount of toppings is how much it weighed the slices down. For it being a thin pie, the toppings gave it a bit of a deep-dish feel. Don’t get me wrong, the pie was delicious. But if you’re a bit of a neat freak like me, you might wanna steer clear of having such a heavy and messy combination.

The bacon and sweet peppers was a different story altogether. This thing was nothing short of pizza perfection. Ya know when you order a pizza with bacon and it comes out speckled with tiny bits of anything but? Yeah, this wasn’t the situation. These were REAL strips of bacon, crisped and cut to a decent size. It was more than you get at a diner when ordering breakfast. I actually had to reapply the pieces that fell off since there was so much (which I am certainly not complaining about). The texture of the sweetened peppers only added to how enjoyable the crispy bacon was. Many people don’t know about how delicious the combination of the two can be on a pizza, but I’m sure it’ll be catching on soon enough. For those who prefer hotter and tangier food, go with hot peppers instead. The idea is literally making my mouth water right now, making it hard to suppress my inner fat kid.


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  1. Still make the trip from Bensalem to Gearo’s on a regular basis. I’m no Doughboy, but it’s my personal favorite!

  2. Absolutely love this place…called them up at 12:30am on Saturday night said i was coming from 55 and Pine, they gave me a pie in the sky and left the door open for me…


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