Angelo’s Pizza Kitchen

Angelo’s Pizza Kitchen
6920 Bustleton Ave.


When dealing in disc-shaped piles of cheese and sauce, sometimes originality and creativity play a huge factor in whether or not your pie building skills will succeed or ultimately shatter before your very eyes. Enter Angelo’s Pizza Kitchen. From the outside it’s your typical pizzeria, serving up anything on the standard menu one could want. However, under the specialty pies list lies the white whale. The Holy Grail if you will. The inglorious bastard of pizzas. Behold…”The Mexican.”

I’m sure you’ve probably seen a Mexican pizza before. I mean, how hard can it possibly be to throw a bunch of taco ingredients onto some dough and call it a Mexican pizza? Well what sets the bar so high with Angelo’s is the flat quesadilla crust. It’s crispy. It’s flaky. It was just the right addition to be labeled a true Mexican. I’m surprised it didn’t come with a guitar case full of guns. The quesa-crust is just the beginning. Heaping servings of juicy, grilled chicken or chopped steak are proportionately set like puzzle pieces. It’s then doused with a chunky mild salsa and spicy jalapeño peppers. Finally, it’s sprinkled with fistfuls of Monterey jack and cheddar cheeses. This alone was a combination to be reckoned with, but add the side of sour cream and a drizzle drazzle of hot sauce and you got yourself something special.

This was the ultimate act of teamwork among the toppings. Every flavor worked so well with the next. The fiery jalapeños gave this pizza a certain zing that was lovingly embraced. But the quesadilla crust with toppings stretched to the very edge literally made this pie. I will say that the addition of seasoned ground beef or tortilla strips as options would just be delightful, but like Plichter said “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” This is by far one the best and most authentic Mexican pizzas I’ve come across. Muy sabroso pendejos!!!


I can honestly say that the Mexican pizza from Angelo’s is def in my top five list of best pizzas of all time. I know that sounds like a bold statement, but you can trust me on this one. It quickly became a recurring delivered dish on my Friday nights at Nazareth Hospital. As much as I love variety, I had no problem ordering this thing on a weekly basis. So when it came time to revisit an old favorite, I welcomed the opportunity with nostalgia and excitement.

Being built on a flakey12 inch Mexican style quesadilla shell really sets this pizza apart from all the other “Mexican” impersonators out there. I’ve had Mexican pizzas in the past, and they’re almost always made on the typical Italian style dough. But this one is in a league of its own specifically because of its crucial crust. It’s obviously not made in Angelo’s, but it compliments the other toppings so well that I could care less. From there it’s topped with salsa, Monterey jack and cheddar cheese, jalapeno peppers, and your choice of chicken or steak. Castro and I both agreed that the steak beats out the chicken, but see for yourself by ordering half and half. The sour cream and hot sauce on the side are an added bonus that allows you to spice it up accordingly. The salsa isn’t too chunky or hot, which gives it a paste like quality with green pepper and onion still remaining. The two different kinds of cheese tie the meat and jalapenos together to the crust, preventing topping spillage. I can honestly say this is the closest you’ll get to authentic Mexican food in a pizzeria. I can also say that you’ll be hooked for life after you finish such an original and flavorful pie.

Now it should be mentioned that this thing is obviously not for the weak of stomach. If you’re not into spicy foods, you might wanna steer clear of this pizza altogether. I’ve never had any other pizzas from Angelo’s, nor have I really thought about it. I was hooked on this south of the border beast since that first bite. But I do believe I have no choice but to try another of their specialty pizzas one of these days. If all of their pizzas are as delicious as the Mexican, then this place could soon be a force to be reckoned with in the Philadelphia area.


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