Joseph’s Pizzeria

Joseph’s Pizzeria
7947 Oxford Ave.


Alright, so this is probably one of the tougher reviews I’ve had to conjure up. Allow me to explain. We’ve gotten numerous recommendations to give Joseph’s pizza a whirl. People who reside in Fox Chase live and die by it. They’ve grown up eating it so they consider it their lifeline. It’s their go-to pizza on any given night. They probably have a special place in their heart for it, kind of like me with England or Boston, and I respect that. Dozens of delicious pies have preceded Joseph’s before tonight, so here’s to hoping we can keep the tasty pizza streak alive and kicking.

We picked 2, 10″ pies for this evening’s main event. “The B.L.T.” Crisp bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses and a few squirts of ranch dressing. My eyes lit up from the moment I read the menu. I had high hopes for this pizza from the rip, based off sheer originality. The bacon was perfect. Crispy and greasy, exactly how bacon should be…but it lacked something and I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe it was the shaved hoagie lettuce or maybe the tomatoes needed to be seasoned in olive oil. The ranch dressing was a great addition to it but it wasn’t enough to swing my vote. Joey could even do a thin layer of chipotle mayo on it just to keep things interesting. I would love for this pie to be my Daniel Larusso and I could mold it into a champion. It would crane kick all other pizzas in the head. But I’m just a doughboy, who’s gonna listen to me.

The 2nd pie was “The perfect trio.” Sausage, green peppers, onions and mozzarella. This was the better of the two. The sausage was shredded down with a cheese grader and had quite a bit of flavor to it. But that was extent of information worthy enough to blog about. I think the crust played a huge part in my thoughts on these pies. It was way too thick and reminiscent of sourdough bread. I’m a crust guy, and when you fuck the crust up it’s hard to recover from such a deficit.

I don’t wanna say that this pizza fucking sucks because it truly doesn’t. They just need to spruce the pies up a little with something that’s gonna make people remember them. However, this particular visit proved that the vegas-esque, bright lights out front just weren’t enough to satisfy the doughboys. Joey’s pizza was anything but impressive and was easily forgettable. It was enough to fill my stomach for a few hours until I would ultimately end my night with a giant bowl of cocoa puffs. Merry Christmas you filthy animals…and a happy new year.


Poor execution. That’s the best description I can give for this pizza. When you look at a menu and see options such as the B.L.T. pizza, I guess you just expect a little more. But there’s no recovering from anything that starts off on the wrong foot, and this crust was enough to disappoint me before it even went into the oven.

It’s a real shame that the pizzas at Joseph’s are built on such a bland crust, because otherwise they’d be quite impressive. The toppings on the B.L.T. pizza were exceptional; the decent sized bacon chunks, shredded lettuce, and well-cooked tomatoes were a delicious trio. But the crust was just ruined it for me. Even “The Perfect Trio” fell short of perfection, hindered by the poor excuse of a pizza crust. It was thick, tough, and anything but appetizing.

I don’t wanna write this place off solely because of the crust, but I have no other choice. The exterior, interior, staff, and general ambiance were all outstanding, but the most important element was lacking: the pizza. Do yourself a favor and take a walk down the street to Johnny G’s instead.


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  1. Fudge _Olney O.G.

    word up on the Johnny G’s . Joseph’s has a Giant Trash dumpster outside. That’s where they should put the pizza. Puke


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