Year End Review: The Top 11 of ’11

These past 6 months have been amazing for us. This started out as something we were both passionate about and it spiraled into something much bigger than we both expected. The doughboys have gained nearly 500 fans on facebook and received roughly 150+ views a day on the blog. As we close the book to 2011, we wanted to take this opportunity to personally thank everyone for their support with the blog and we appreciate all the slice recommendations. You have introduced us and opened our eyes to delicious pizza that we didn’t even know existed. The doughboys have big things in store for 2012 and hopefully you’re all gonna tag along for the ride. Happy New year, you animals…
We’d like to thank all of our friends, families, and fans for the support we’ve received in 2011. When we started doing this, I never could have imagined this kind of reception. So many people and businesses have embraced and supported us, and proved that food reviews can be entertaining as well as insightful. Who would’ve thought that two idiots who like to eat pizza could accomplish so much in six months?! From the bottom of our deep dish, to the top of our thin crust, we’d like to wish you all a very Happy New Year. And stay tuned for what we have in store for 2012, such as pizza parties, merchandise, guest reviewers, and our one-year anniversary party this July!
11. Pete and Elda’s Pizza Challenge

Pete and Elda's free t-shirt challenge

Castro: The 150 mile round trip, memorable journey to Neptune New Jersey to eat an entire 20″ pizza and win a free t-shirt was more than enough to make the cut.

Plichter: Never have I felt so awful after an eating experience. Def needed to be mentioned.

10. Mojo’s Pizza and Grill

Mojo's roast beast

Castro: The gravy induced roast beef pizza consumed in a back alley next to a grease dumpster easily gets a top spot.

Plichter: Any pizza this original needs to get the recognition it deserves.

9. Soho Pizza


Castro: The perfect swirl of BBQ sauce had me licking my lips for hours.

Plichter: I’ve had plenty of BBQ pizzas in my day, and this was by far the best.

8. Tacconelli’s


Castro: The exclusive, advance order dough was well worth the 24 hour wait to eat 14 slices between the two of us.

Plichter: Although I don’t consider this the “best” pizza around, their sweet sauce and charred crust are a welcomed change of pace for anyone who eats pizza as much as we do.

7. Merc Brothers

Merc Brothers Meatball Extravaganza

Castro: Who can forget the Merc Brothers VS Tony’s debacle which ultimately ended with Tony’s getting stunnered for the thin crust championship belt.

Plichter: Nothing like getting reacquainted with an old friend, especially one as delicious as this.

6. Angelo’s Pizza Kitchen

Angelo's "The Mexican"

Castro: The Mexican’s sour cream and Jalapeno’s made this one my absolute favorite gourmet pizzas thus far.

Plichter: Just as amazing as I had remembered. Glad to see that some pizzerias can withstand the test of time.

5. Stogie Joe’s

Stogie Joe's

Castro: Stogie Joe’s crackling fireplace and sausage white pie made me realize that they made the square pie their bitch. San “who” cci’s?

Plichter: I’d like to personally thank Stogie Joe’s for rekindling my love affair with square pizza. Their white, sausage, and broccoli pie totally trumps Santucci’s.

4. Charlie’s Pizzeria


Castro: The doughboys’ very first review. This sweet sausage pizza popped our cherries and introduced us to the world food criticism. Acting like you know everything about pizza is the best!

Plichter: The first of many delicious pizzas, and one started us on our road to glory. There’s nothing like weirding out old people and talking about pizza like a pro.

3. Isabella’s


Castro: Man, 2 giant slices of crispy chicken parm pizza and a soda for $5 would take the #3 spot on anyone’s list.

Plichter: I don’t know how they do it, but they take the concept of chicken parm pizza to a new level.

2. The Couch Tomato Café.

The Couch Tomato Cafe

Castro: The smoky BBQ pulled pork pie was such a welcomed change to our normal pizza intake.

Plichter: Amazing originality and execution. Any one of their specialty pies are a safe bet.

1. Vince’s and Johnny G’s

Vince's and Johnny G's

Castro: 2, number one first place spots? Yeah, thats right. I could eat both pies from both of these places for the rest of my life (god willing) and I would be completely and utterly happy. A congratulations is in order to both winners for making some of the sexiest pizzas Northeast Philly has ever laid eyes on.

Plichter: I know I know, a bit disappointing that we couldn’t have a decisive number one. But both their whites pies were absolutely stunning. I never expected myself to put a white pizza as a favorite, but they’ve made me a believer.


About Doughboys Pizza Blog

2 totally awesome, self proclaimed pizza experts on a never ending quest for the best slices in Philadelphia.

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  1. I seen in the northeast times Johnny Gs was voted best pizza for 2011 so I went to check them out n I have to admit there white pizza is the BEST I’ve had yet!! We also tried there plain pizza and that was excellent as well! The sauce made the pie n the dough was light n didn’t lay heavy in our stomach so i was able 2 eat another slice! While i was there I seen them making a hot pork they use xsharp n sauteed spinach will DEF try next time!! Two thumbs up for Johnny Gs! My new favorite pizza shop!!! Thanks doughboys!


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