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The goods.

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The great white delight

Ernie’s Pizza

1618 Cottman Avenue

“Haven’t I told you to call me Ernie…or Big Ern?” This review was somewhat of a fluke and pretty much fell into my lap. I hadn’t received any recommendations nor have I had any prior history with the slices at Ernie’s pizza on Cottman. You see, while Plichter was busy getting shitfaced and partying with the likes of Danny Briere, Braydon Coburn and other various members of the flyers organization in Nashville, I just happened to drive by Ernie’s on a whim. Remembering the decent and husky cheese steaks they’ve produced for me in the past, I decided to give their pizza a whirl. Trying not to get beat up by those Northeast high scumbags, I dipped in to be greeted by a pretty extensive list of toppings. I proceeded to slam my fist on the counter and demand that the lady behind the register hit me with their best slice. Well, actually I didn’t say that but it would’ve been pretty awesome if I did. I did however ask what the most succulent pizza they could construct for me was. I was informed that their signature pie was a white pizza topped with thick, juicy cut tomatoes, fresh spinach and finished off with hefty scoops of ricotta cheese. “Mmmm, that sounds good. I’ll have that.” And since I was completely and utterly hungover from a wedding the night before, I felt like I needed a healthy dose of grease to get me back on my feet. A half pepperoni seemed in order. 8 slices should be enough for one beastly and bulging man, right?

I must say, the half white and half cheese on top was a perfect, non-discriminative pick on my part. The white pizza could’ve been a little more garlicky for me. Seeing that we’ve hit nothing but home runs with white pizzas in the past (Johnny’G’s, Vince’s, Stogie’s) I kind of had my standards held high. The massive portions of flavorful tomatoes and spinach more than made up for it. The ricotta cheese was a rare and creamy addition to my pizza eating résumé that I enjoyed thoroughly. The crust was a little too doughy for my taste. I ate my slices to the edge and slung my crust on the table like I was tossin’ hunnits in the club. Having said all that, the pepperoni was without a doubt my favorite of the two halves. Nothing beats a bunch of greasy, salty pieces of pepperoni. They were plentiful, they were crispy and they hit the spot for a much needed post-night of drinking. After devouring 6 slices, my Iphone screen was glistening and shimmering with grease, kind of like Plichter’s forehead on a steamy July evening. The prices here are extremely reasonable and you can grab 2 slices and a coke for about $5, all day erryyy day. Now I wouldn’t go out of my way to hit up Ernie’s again but if you’re looking for a good quality slice of pizza on the go…Ernie’s definitely has your back, boy.


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  1. As a proud product of northeast high, I’ve definitely had my fair share of Ernie’s pizza. Can’t go wrong here folks.

  2. Never really had the pizza, but I grew up about 5 blocks away and devoured the cheesesteaks regularly.


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