Pietro’s Coal Oven Pizzeria



Pietro’s Coal Oven Pizza
121 South Street
1714 Walnut Street
140 W. Route 70 (Marlton NJ)

Let me start this off by saying that I’ve been a faithful Pietro’s customer for years. I discovered the South Street location back in 2002 and I haven’t had a bad pie since. You all can thank me later for this one. There’s one single factor that separates Pietro’s from everyone else. Consistency. You can order whatever pizza you want, come back 5 years later and they’ll make you the EXACT same great tasting pie that you remember and love. I recall when I was in Iraq, there was no food that I craved and looked forward to putting in my mouth more than a Pietro’s half pepperoni/half sausage pizza.

The atmosphere inside is very dark and romantic. Minimal lighting combined with an array of Italian artwork make it a very intimate dining experience. It’s definitely a great place to bring a chick that you’re trying to score with. Be prepared to spend about $17-20 on a large pie. They’re not cheap. However, you can’t even begin to try and put a price on the quality pizza that you’re gonna get. If you make your way to the back of the restaurant, you’ll come across an open counter where you can watch them hand craft each pie with such precision. After your pizza is meticulously constructed, it’s thrown into one of their famous coal-fired ovens. The temperatures in their ovens reach upwards of 800 degrees, meaning your pie is done and cooked to perfection in roughly 4-5 minutes. I’ve had just about every topping worth mentioning from Pietro’s and I have yet to be disappointed. Today I stuck with a traditional plain pie, with Roma tomatoes on half. The simplicity behind each pizza amazes me. It’s nothing more than freshly sliced mozzerella, and tangy tomato sauce on their hand tossed dough. Let us not forget the garnishing of fresh basil leaves. The coal fired oven is what gives it the distinct charred taste that will have you coming back for thirds and fifths. The crust was chewy and not a touch over-burned. Today was actually the first time I’ve ever had the Roma tomatoes as a topping. They were super juicy and exploded with flavor. I can’t say I’ve ever had tomatoes like these on a pizza before, but after today, they’ll be making a regular appearance on my pies.

After I consumed my 4 slices and soiled my napkin with the tomato juices that lingered on my chin, I made my way to the back and politely shook the chef’s hand. I thanked him for making what was undoubtedly one of my personal favorites since I started this blog. Pietro’s needs to get their shit together and find some real estate in the northeast. If only I were that lucky.


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  1. Barbra O'Brien

    That is, by far, the best most positive review you have made. The pizza looks like it came out of a coal burning oven in Abruzzi, Italy. Hoping your wish comes true and Pietro’s comes up north. Scoring on a pizza purchase….not happening.


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