Paddy Whacks

Paddy Whacks
9241 Welsh Road


Let’s get a few things straight before we proceed with the pizza. I hate crowds. I hate places where you have to wait any more than a minute to get a beer. I also hate places that play pitbull songs every 30 minutes. Having said all that, going to a place like Paddy Whacks to do a pizza review is almost unprecedented, even for a popped collarless chap like myself. However, after tales surfaced of a lobster and cream pizza that’s ONLY available on Friday’s during Lent, I had to see what all the fuss was about. I was born and raised Catholic. I attended Catholic grade and high schools. But let’s be serious. Not eating meat during Fridays in Lent is the most bogus rule of all time. I mean, it’s not like you’re gonna be shunned from entering the pearly gates for indulging in a rib eye steak after a long, stupid work week around Easter time.

You can search Paddy Whacks menu high and low to find this pizza, but it’ll be M.I.A..kind of like an Anthrax song on their jukebox. That’s because it’s a special, homemade creation by the kitchen manager, Kris Serviss. It’s a specialty pie only offered during Lent. You see, every year Kris comes up with a new concoction to accommodate their firm believers. Kris starts with a standard, 12″ pub pizza crust, nothing crazy. He coats it with a smoked onion and roasted garlic cream sauce. It’s his very own secret recipe. He then tops it with spinach, sundried tomatoes, and handfuls of fresh clumped mozzarella balls. What’s the money shot you ask? About a dozen 1-2″ chunks of savory lobster. That is one hell of a dream team line-up.

At first bite, Kris’ homemade garlicky cream sauce grabs you by your jawline and doesn’t let go. It’s by far one of the most original pizza sauces I’ve had. If he would’ve used an Alfredo sauce or a white sauce like most other places, this pizza would’ve been just another pie. The fruity sweetness of the sundried tomatoes went well with the creamy sourness of the spinach. I don’t think any other topping aside from lobster would’ve have worked with this pizza. All in all, I’d say Paddy Whacks has a great thing going with offering this pie during Easter. I want to be greedy and say I’d like to see it as a year-round thing, but the anticipation of a new experiment from the mind of Kris Serviss each March is something I will now look forward to. Hats off to Paddy Whacks for giving the chef an opportunity to create something that appeals to everyone. Well played.


Let’s get a few things straight: I think Lent’s stupid, I think most forms of organized religion are stupid, and I think the idea of me going to hell for eating meat on a Friday is EXTREMELY stupid. I mean come on; eating a hunk of steak on a Friday is probably the least of the Lord’s problems. But then again, I always enjoy trying new concoctions. And when I first saw that lobster pizza that Kris Serviss posted on Facebook, I knew where we were headed next.

Like Castro mentioned, the crust isn’t the main attraction to a Paddy Whacks pizza. I’ve learned over the past year that most restaurant-bars use generic and frozen crusts that are thick as a board and even less tasty. For this pizza though, the pub crust almost worked in its favor. The crust acted almost like a giant bread stick, which was perfect for the garlic cream sauce. The spinach was moist, sharp and pungent, but the freshly clumped mozzarella was enough to blanket and improved its taste. The bulbous chunks of lobster were generous and juicy, which any seafood lover would approve of. Basically, as far as a seafood pizza is concerned, this was the perfect combination of toppings.

I’ve never been a HUGE fan of seafood pizza, but this was a unique exception. Kudos to my buddy Kris Serviss for concocting such a delectable dish. If you’re a diehard Christian, stop into Paddy Whacks this Friday and have yourself a guilt-free time. If you’re not, give it a try anyways.


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  1. This happens to be my nephew Kris Serviss. He always comes up with something interesting and different. His soups are also awesome. I had his lobster bisque and though I died and went to heaven. Nice pieces of lobster not the minute ones you are used to getting elsewhere. The best I ever had. Of course I’m being prejudice because he is my nephew. But I am hard to please and I must say his food leaves me wanting more.

  2. Thanks for the Great Review Guys…Keep up the Good Work!


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