March Madness: Final Frozen 4

The Final Frozen Four

The final frozen four go head to head in a battle to the death to see who moves on to claim the title of “World’s greatest frozen pizza.” On Friday, April 6th, we’ll post the championship in which the winner will be announced following a violent and gruesome deathmatch to the end.

The inverted blow

Ellios Schmellios

Ellios VS California Pizza Kitchen

It’s finally down to the final four of the frozen pizza world. The poor man’s dinner pitted against the upper echelon of cheese and sauce. I totally understand that these are 2 different styles of frozen pizza and probably appeal to a different audience of pizza eaters as well. Ellios is cheap and fairly simple to make. If you want to heat up a single sheet, you can wrap the rest up for your next late night freezer raid. Ellios has been a part of my worthless and miserable life forever. It’s gotten me through some cash-less times. I’ve devoured it toasted and microwaved. Folded over like a sandwich and topped with leftovers from the night before. Burnt to a crisp and still frozen in the center. I could never turn my back on them. Cue the California Pizza Kitchen. Easily gourmet frozen pizza at it’s finest. CPK offers everything from individual to large pizzas. Traditional to garlic and BBQ chicken. They only use top notch ingredients on all their products. My decision is base solely on quality and not personal history. Alot of you are gonna hate me for this, but I gotta give the win to the west coast pizza. CPK undoubtedly makes the tastier pie of the pair and advances to the championship. – JC

I want some fuckin' french bread

Toom Stown

Tombstone VS Stouffer’s French Bread

This was by no means an easy matchup to referee. Here we have two classics, respected and revered by many, in a battle to the death. But whereas Tombstone can be classified with so many others because of its shape and crust, Stouffer’s French Bread Pizza is in a class of its own. Congratulations to Stouffer’s for making it past the Frozen Four and into the championship. – JP


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