March Madness: The Championship

After force feeding 3 weeks worth of frozen pizzas down our throats and endless sleepless nights wondering who should move forward and who should perish, we finally have a champion to reign supreme in your grocer’s freezer. I know some of you will ultimately disagree with our findings, but again, it’s based of sheer taste and quality. We proudly present to you: The Championship.

Freezer burneedddd

The final contenders

Deluxe, son!

Sweet pepperoni

Piles of pep

"Ew, did you just eat sofa pizza?"


This week I decided to give a fresh start to both opponents. I sat each of the team’s starters who have been battling valiantly since the beginning of last month and played two newcomers who are fresh off the bench.

Stouffer’s French Bread:

When this competition first started, I chose a Stouffer’s that would/could/should appeal to every pizza eater. This week, I went with my personal favorite in the French Bread arsenal. DELUXE. Pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, red/green peppers and oooooonions. It’s the perfect balance of toppings for a piece of pizza this size. It really doesn’t get any better than a deluxe FB, crisped to perfection and then immediately searing the skin off the roof of your mouth on the molten cheese. I spent 90% of my high school friday nights doing just that with french bread pizza. There’s a reason they made it this far in the bracket. It’s the simplicity of throwing it in the toaster oven, coupled with the small portions of great tasting pizza. I will forever have french breads stockpiled in my freezer until I die.

California Pizza Kitchen:

CPK’s margherita has been kicking ass and taking names since the sweet sixteen was in full effect. However, for the championship, I found a new gem in the pizza kitchen’s line-up that I’ve never seen before. “The Signature Pepperoni.” It has all the inner workings of their other gourmet pizzas, but this one has a combination of mozzarella AND smoked gouda as well as diced tomatoes. Not to mention being smothered with handfuls of thick cut, juicy pepperoni slices. The thing I love about CPK is that they pre-season all their pizzas with different spices that give their frozen pies a flavor that far surpasses anything the competition can come up with. It just seems like they want their customers to have the best quality, reasonably priced pizzas around. I have no doubt that if you walked into a CPK restaurant and ordered this exact pizza from the menu, it would come out tasting almost identical to this one. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again…quality over quantity every. single. time. My taste buds have spoken. California Pizza Kitchen hit the fadeaway jumper at the overtime buzzer that sealed their fate as frozen pizza champions of the universe.


I’m sure most people will disagree with our decision, but they’ll just have to taste for themselves. CPK had an uphill battle, beating out four classics and personal favorites. I don’t care what anyone says, I eat Tony’s at least once a week. Red Barron, Ellio’s, and Stouffer’s are all classics, but had to take a seat on the bench to make way for a new star in the frozen pizza category. Throughout this competition I tried a couple different California Pizza Kitchen pizzas, and each one satisfied and impressed. You can never replace a classic, but you can add a new one to the category. Congratulations are in order for California Pizza Kitchen.

Winner, winner, pizza dinner


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