Best In Town Pizza


Easter pizza

Full frontal

Fresh to death

A quick bite

Best In Town Pizza
7971 Castor Ave.


“All the pies of the earth. All you toppings and the cheese. Lift up your slices to the wonders of the Lord.”

Well, it’s Easter Sunday. And while most normal people are spending it slicing spiral hams and sucking down deviled eggs, the doughboys are out stalking our next cheesy victim. Consuming pizza on Easter isn’t a simple task. It seems closing your business on the day the Lord’s lifeless body reanimated and terrorized the holy land is quite popular in this city. However, after numerous unanswered phone calls around town, we found a little brick oven spot on the corner of Rhawn and Castor that chose pizza over church. And that’s ok in our book.

Best In Town Pizza may look like the traditional corner pizza shop, but they’re rocking a piece of equipment that’s no-show among Northeast Philly pizza parlors. The coveted brick oven. Brick ovens are usually gas fired and lined with fireproof brick, allowing them to burn hotter then most conventional ovens. Why does this matter you ask? I don’t know…but I needed some filler to make this review look more complete. Which reminds me, i’d like to build my own brick oven from scratch in my backyard sometime. Anyway, upon opening their menu, they have a pretty decent amount of pizzas to choose from. Two that caught our eye almost immediately were the chicken cordon bleu (crispy chicken tenders, sliced ham and extra cheese) and their extra special combination pie. Scroll your dirty little finger down to #6 on the specialty list and you’ll see their version of the deluxe pizza. Pepperoni, sausage, crispy bacon, black olives, mushrooms, onions and peppers. It’s days like this that make me realize why Jesus gave his life for us. It’s so we can eat pizza like this on Easter Sunday.

The #6 was picture worthy right out of the oven. The mounds of toppings were evenly distributed allowing every flavor to work together, giving you the ultimate pizza experience. It’s something you’d see on a stock photo of what places want their pizza to look like, but can’t quite get it right. Oh, how that pan fried bacon tickled my insides. The chicken cordon bleu was my favorite of the duo. This is the first place that I’ve seen to carry such a pie. The huge pieces of crunchy, juicy chicken tenders were enough to make me lean back in chair and grunt in gluttony. I can only imagine what the buffalo chicken or the chicken parm tastes like. Yo, they even have a pizza that’s topped with spaghetti. SPAGHETTI!! Best in town caught me by surprise with these pies. I definitely thought we were walking into sure disappointment. Instead, we left 2 very satisfied disappointments. Next time you need to make a pit stop at planned parenthood on Castor ave…stop into B.I.T.P for some top notch brick oven pizza. Totally doughboys approved.


This place definitely gets an A for effort on many different levels. For starters, it puts to shame a lot of the shitty pizzerias in the Northeast Philly area. They’ve got a brick oven as opposed to the customary convection oven, their specialty pizzas are crazy original, and their toppings are fresh. On paper, this pizza sounds perfect. But the most crucial start can never be forgotten: the crust.

Chicken cordon bleu pizza was a must, seeing how it’s customary to eat ham on Easter. Since we’ve had bad luck with supreme pizzas in the past (i.e. Tony’s), we decided to give the everything pie a chance too. The pies themselves looked SPECTACULAR. These things were loaded with delicious looking toppings, adequately spread out across the pie. However, these awesome toppings couldn’t make up for the puffy and undercooked, doughy crust. I can’t help but wonder, “What if?” Maybe if we had asked for the pie to be well done, the outcome would’ve been different. But this time around, it wasn’t meant to be.

Again, had the crust been cooked just a little bit longer, it probably would’ve made all the difference. I’m not gonna write this place off though. In fact, I’ll be more than happy to give them another try. Except next time, I’ll make sure to ask for another 3 or 4 minutes for my pie to cook in their brick oven. Stay tuned for a follow up review.


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  1. Barbra O'Brien

    Always wondered about that place. Stared at it while waiting for the light to change. Next time I’ll park, order a pie and tell them to leave it in a bit longer. Thanks Doughboys! Oh, and Castro, the Resurrection and pizza have nothing in common.

  2. We at best in town are sorry that the crust wasn’t cook the way u like we like to try to make all of are customers happy we are more then happy to let u try the same pie but it being cook well done

    Thank you owner Amer & Saoud

  3. any place that delivers pizza directly to the woods for drunk high school kids gets an A in my book.

  4. I got food poison twice at this place
    Fucking never againI will go here


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