Pizza: The Tattoo Edition Pt. 2

Some people like to get tattoos to honor the death of a loved one. Others prefer to immortalize their children, so they’ll stay forever young. I, on the other hand, prefer to get tattoos simply for the shock value. I’ve never taken myself seriously, so why start now? Each one of my dumb tattoos is a testament to my anything but normal stance on life. I don’t care what people say about me, the way I live my life, or anything in between. Every morning when I wake up, I can look at the slice of pizza on my chest and crack a little smile. Since most people can’t do that when they wake up in the morning, I consider myself very lucky. Every time I see it, I’ll be taken back to the weekend it happened. I’ll remember the excitement of the artist, Tommy Peters at Ink Ur Body Tattoo, for getting to do such an out of the ordinary piece; the laughter of my friends who told me I was stupid; and the looks on the faces of every idiot in Wildwood who did a double take and mouthed “What the fuck??” Yes, I love pizza. But more than anything, I love the fact that I get to share my adoration of ‘za with all of you on a weekly basis. Thank you for all your love and support, from the bottom of my heart (underneath a slice of pizza).



About Doughboys Pizza Blog

2 totally awesome, self proclaimed pizza experts on a never ending quest for the best slices in Philadelphia.

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