MIX Pizzeria

Mix Pizzeria

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Street pizza

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MIX Pizzeria
2101 Chestnut Street


Rittenhouse Square. One of the oldest and most expensive areas of this fine city. Luxury high rise apartments and high end retail stores line the streets, while high class business women read 50 shades of grey on their nooks in the park. One of my favorite movies of all time, trading places, was filmed here. “Once you had a man with no legs, you never go back”. Rittenhouse also offers a plethora of restaurants to getchur eat on at. One can acquire just about anything here. From Mexican to Mandarin. $100 filet mignon steaks to $3 quarter pound hot dogs. One thing that this knucklehead has overlooked for years is the brick oven pizza at 21st and Chestnut. I’ve been to many concerts over the years at the First Unitarian Church, right down the street. I must’ve walked passed this place at least 50 times without stopping in for a slice. Such a bonehead move on my part.

From the outside, Mix Pizzeria looks like a trendy, hipster hangout. You would think you’d need a waxed mustachio and an opinion on government policy just to gain entry. However, the interior is anything but. Intimate lighting, ample table seating inside as well as a handful of sidewalk tables, a full bar stocked with some good brews on tap, and pies as far as the eye can see. Mix’s pizza can hold it’s own with just about any place we’ve been to. The first thing that you’re greeted with when you walk in is a wide array of pies on display to choose from. Pizzas for the carnivore in you, to pies for the leaf eater. They got it all. The first one in line was the “chicken ranch” pie. Huge chunks of grilled chicken topped with a mesmerizing swirl of creamy ranch dressing. They even have a pie that boasts chorizo sausage and jalapeños. They literally have slices for the picky eater in everyone. Standing tall behind the sea of pizzas, is a massive brick oven tiled in stone and ceramics that spells out “MIX”. I was truly impressed. I’d probably compare it to the asshole heater in Kevin McCallister’s basement. “HELLLOOOO KEVVIINN!” Soho in Olde City has a similar setup, but this enormous 600 degree furnace chumps theirs in every way possible.

I kept my picks for today’s review simple. First up, for you lovers of meat, a little pepperoni and sausage to tickle the T-rex in you. Crinkled and curled slices of juicy pepperonis and tiny balls of spicy sausage lined this bad boy from edge to edge. Perfect if you like to simultaneously have multiple pieces of meat shoved into your mouth. The 2nd slice, and the better of the duo, is the broccoli and diced tomato pie. I’m a meat guy. I forever will be. But this veggie delight had me seeing stars at first bite. Mix’s pizzas are way thinner than your average slice and they dangled off my plate at every possible angle. Huge portions to fill you up rather than keeping you wishing you’d gotten that 2nd slice. Prior to getting tossed into the oven, they sprinkle their crusts with granulated garlic. A signature move that really sets this place apart from the rest. Make sure you carry an extra stick of gum with you or you’ll have your friends labeling you “dragonbreath” for the remainder of the day, and quite possibly the rest of your life. The bottom of my slices were coated with the blackened char residue from that sexy brick oven. I kinda wish I got see more of that thoughout our blog journey.

What Mix does that others fail to do, is put a unique spin on their pies. Rather than have the run of the mill plain and pepperoni slices available to order, they make sure their entire starting lineup is on the roster and ready to go. Mix’s crust is hands down my favorite crust that I’ve had in a really long time. I’m definitely keeping notes come December for our “best of 2012” list. Next time you’re in Rittenhouse square and you don’t wanna break the bank to grab a bite to eat, stop into Mix and grab a slice or 2 for the road. You can thank us later.


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