Express Pizza & Subs

Express Pizza and Subs

719 Battersea Rd

Ocean City, NJ 08226



Express Pizza. Such a cliché name for a pizzeria that’s anything but. Even though I love getting the opportunity to try a great specialty pizza, a plain pizza that stands above the rest is almost always more impressive. And at Express Pizza, that’s exactly what you can expect.

When I first moved to Ocean City, I was already familiar with Mario’s and Piccini. Those two are without a doubt two of the best on the island. But with the help of my local friends, I was able to uncover Express Pizza, a small pizzeria that’s hidden away from most of the “shoobies” who visit Ocean City. In fact, considering they don’t have a proper website or Facebook page, you’d be hard pressed to come across Express without the help of a “transplant” or a local.

Using cornmeal to line the bottom of a pizza to prevent stickiness is nothing short of common. But there’s something different about the way Express does it that gives it a uniquely crispy crust. As opposed to thin bits of cornmeal that gives the crust a sandpaper-like texture, theirs is a bit wider and gives it more of a crunchy, taco-like texture. Not too crunchy yet still being able to support the slice well, it truly stand out when compared to any other pizza I’ve ever had.

I didn’t go into detail about the cheese or sauce simply because they play a supporting role next to their showstopping crust. If you’re in Ocean City, forget about Manco & Manco and take a walk down to Express. I can guarantee you won’t regret it.


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