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Quig’s Pizza

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Ever since we’ve bragged and boasted about how Johnny G’s was the king ding-a-ling of pizza in Fox Chase, our followers have been nudging us to sample some of what Quig’s Pizza has to offer. Quig’s is literally only a block away from Johnny G’s, so I imagine there’s probably some level of competition between these two pizza powerhouses. In a perfect world, they’d probably slash one another’s delivery driver’s tires, egg each others store front windows or prank call a fake 10 pizza delivery order to the batting cages at Burholme golf course. The fact is, to sway Jonny Castro’s vote for the most delicious pizza in the Fox, Quig’s is seriously gonna have to deliver…well, not literally deliver a pizza; Deliver as in bring the noise. Yeah, Quig’s must bring some sort of noise.

Today we decided to go with the Chicken Parmesan pie. We’ve only reviewed 2 chicken parm pizzas since we started the blog and I was totally craving some of that greasy, deep fried, crispy goodness. I was actually kinda stoked to maybe do a half chicken parm and half bacon cheeseburger concoction, but I was informed that they don’t dabble in halfies on the specialty pies. Total bummer. I thought we as Americans were over this whole pizza segregation thing. The interior is really nothing to brag about. It’s a corner pizza shop. Nothing more, nothing less. I’ll just go straight to the pizza (cracks knuckles). Quig’s isn’t really anything to write home about, or write a blog about. It was just ok. I’m not gonna lie, I did eat 5 slices of it. My main complaint is that it was essentially just a plain pizza with chicken tenders sprinkled on top. If I was Mr. Quig, I would put aside a special sauce made especially for my chicken parmesan pie. Something along the lines of a sweet san marzano or a pomadoro sauce coupled with a mixture of provolone and mozzarella cheeses, instead of using the same old, plain jane stuff. If you REALLY wanted to get nuts, you could even add a little cooked pasta on top. That would easily give you the edge over the competition. The chicken tenders were scrumptious. Crispy, juicy and proportionately perfect. The crust was a little too doughy for my blood. I found myself tossing the handles to the wayside once I cleared all the cheese and sauce. Not a good sign. It was a noble attempt, it just fell a few feet short of home run.

Quig’s wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t up to par with the quality pizza that we’ve been crushing lately. Quig’s has their long time, die hard customers who will undoubtedly keep going back. They’re the lifeblood. They’re the ones keeping the Quig’s name in business. As for me? I’ll continue to stick with Johnny G’s for all my Fox Chase pizza needs. I ended up splitting this pie with my buddy Geoff, who is a long time Fox Chase’onite and Quig’s customer. I’m gonna let him finish off my review because I couldn’t have said it any better, “Quig’s is best eaten when you’re drunk as fuck. You don’t save any of it. There’s no leftovers. You just eat it all to get it over with. Johnny G’s is the pizza you savor when you’re sober, and then wrap up what you don’t finish for breakfast the next morning.” No truer words spoken.


When expressing my fondness for Johnny G’s, every once in a while someone tells me that I need to try Quig’s down the street. Although I’m not from the Foxchase or Rockledge area, I’ve heard nothing but good things about them over the years. It’s considered by many to be the end all, be all of pizza in that area. With so much hype to live up to, and with the impressive specialty pies from Paulie’s still on my mind a week later, it was going to take a lot to impress this Doughboy.

Not wanting to go with a one topping, traditional pizza, my first instinct was to check out the specialty pies at Quig’s. Although the selections weren’t impressive, I hadn’t had a chicken parm pizza in a little while so it seemed like a no-brainer. It being a Sunday afternoon during an Eagles game, I understood being told that my pie would take about 45 minutes. But when I showed up 15 minutes later and my pie was ready to go, I was admittedly impressed. Taste aside, this place had taken the first step towards a stellar review. However, service at a pizzeria can only carry it so far.

Upon opening the box, I noticed that the cheese atop this thing had been hastily piled on and not cooked thoroughly enough to my liking. (Having only waited 15 minutes, that seemed about right.) Usually this is something I can overlook, and at first I could. But as it started to cool off, the cheese quickly congealed and became too much. It was like having a ¼ inch of solid cheese atop a piece of bread. By the end, I was eating a cold, open-faced chicken parm sandwich, with too much cheese and not enough sauce. If maybe it had been cooked longer, and the cheese to sauce ratio was on point, I might be singing a different tune right about now. Instead, the only thing I’m singing about is a mediocre trip to a pizzeria that didn’t live up to the hype.

Now after reading this review, you may think poorly of Quig’s. But I implore you not to. The best chicken parm pizza happens to be available at Isabella’s in south Philly, and very few places can compare. Quig’s was sub-par in comparison to some of the others I’ve had in Philadelphia, but wasn’t inedible at the same token. Maybe I’ll have to give it another shot down the line. But until then, I’d have to say that their pizza was nothing to write home about.


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  1. Fudge _Olney O.G.

    You gotta admit though, collecting 10 box tops to get a free pie is a good incentive. It’s the only reason I go there. I usually get the coupons out of my neighbors trashcans.(along with 1/2 a pizza).Car 2 goes there every Friday night. Ask me how I know.


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