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Margherita Pizzeria
60 S. 2nd Street (2nd and Chestnut)

2nd Street, between Market and Chestnut, is a general hub-bub of activity during the infamous Olde City nightlife. There’s plenty to keep busy with down there, especially on a cold Friday night in January. In a 1 block radius, I counted at least 10 notorious bars where you can surely tie a killer load on. The only obvious thing to accomplish once said load has been successfully tied on would be to stick something greasy in your mouth. What better way to accommodate such a craving than with a giant slice of delicious pizza. The fact that “Margherita” stays open well past last call guarantees you an early a.m grease fix. I remember playing some wrestling quizzo a few years ago at “Drinkers” and getting destroyed by a bunch wrestling nerds. Margherita Pizzeria would have been a clutch move on my part after that evening of demolishing $1.50 high lifes and making jokes about Chris Benoit.

When you read the window decal on the front door, you’ll be inclined to notice that it distinctly says “Margheria Pizzeria”. A Google search clearly states their name is “Margherita Pizzeria.” Honestly, I could care less if it’s a typo, if the Internet is wrong or it’s just their attempt at some confusing nursery rhymage. I simply found it hilarious enough to include in this review. Anyway, depending on what your inner fat kid is telling you to get, “MARGHERITA” has a huge selection of slices to choose from. I wanted to splurge and sample either the meat lovers or the 4 cheese. I decided to keep it real with the original gangsta of pizza, pepperoni, and a slice of juicy buffalo chicken. Pretty standard choices that almost every pizza joint should readily have on deck. If they don’t, then they’re doing something wrong.

Both pies were freshly blasted out of the oven, since I stopped in as soon as they unlocked their doors for the business day. Superb handle. Extra crispy. Medium style thickness on the crust. So far so good. The pepperoni was fairly decent. Perfect ratio of grease glaze from the cured meat. It wasn’t a slice that I couldn’t get from any other pizza place, but they did it up well. The buffalo chicken was the better of the two picks. I was really in the mood for some wings when I stopped through. The buffalo sauce they incorporated in their pie was better than most wing places use. It had just the right amount of kick. A lot of places generally use bigger chunks of chicken on this style pizza, which bothers the shit out of me. Margherita walks the road less travelled and uses finely chopped chicken instead. Definitely goes down a lot smoother.

All in all, the pizza was fairly good; but it’s nothing that I’d make a big stink about. It’s clean, open really late and serves up a product that won’t hurt your pocket after you stumble out of the blue martini at 2 am. If you’re in the area, stop in and drop a $2 bill on a slice, y’all. However, don’t waste your gas strictly for the pizza.


I’d like to state for the record that this is the second review I had to write for Margherita Pizzeria, after my first review didn’t save (for some reason).

Margherita Pizzeria certainly wouldn’t be my first choice for pizza when around 2nd Street. With Soho putting out some of the best pies in the city, I’d almost always take my business there. But on this particular day, I stumbled upon Margherita Pizzeria when walking down Chestnut Street. It was far past my lunchtime and the place looked legit, so I figured why not?

Be forewarned that Margherita doesn’t take debit cards, so make sure you bring cash unless you wanna pay four bucks at the ATM across the street. After finding this out the hard way, I scoped out the six different slice pies and settled on the buffalo chicken, and the margherita. I’ve had quite a few buffalo chicken slices in my day, which usually feature hefty chunks of chicken that fall off the slice the moment you bite into it. Margherita uses chopped, buffalo chicken cheesesteak meat, which is firmly held in place by the mozzarella cheese. It also seems to have been sitting in the buffalo sauce before hand, instead of just being topped with it at the end. The result is a slice that delivers big buffalo taste without the mess.

Next up was the margherita slice, which I knew I had to have when I saw how saucy the bastard was. With such a thin crust, I was amazed that they were able to fit so much sauce atop without compromising the sturdiness. After eating so many specialty pizzas as of late, I was long overdue for such a tomato topped treat. The heaps of mozzarella sat like islands in a sea of red, awaiting to be devoured. I was pleasantly surprised.

Margherita Pizzeria was good. There’s no better way to put it than that. Would I go out of my way to get it again? Probably not. But if I’m right there and it’s lunch time, I’ll give it another go. Odds are though that I’ll walk myself down to Soho for a slice of their BBQ pizza.


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