Trios Tomato Pie


Trios in the light


Straight cookin’ pies


Sausage, Pepperoni, Prosciutto and Plichter


The stylin’ and profilin’ hawaiian


Pineapples? on pizza?! Now I’ve seen everything…


A terrible twosome


He put away 9 squares


Gimme dat, gimme dat, gimme dat cheese.

Trios Tomato Pie

402 Easton Road. Glenside, PA.


I’m super excited and honored to write this review for Trios Tomato Pie. Back in late 2011, we visited “Trios Trattoria” in Northern Liberties. They fixed us some damn good pizza. So good that it finessed it’s way onto our best slice of the year list. In early 2012, Trios opened a sister location on Easton road in Glenside, not far from 611. Trios’ Facebook page reached out to us and extended an invitation for the boys to stop in for a few pies. How could we pass up an opportunity to destroy another fine creation from the imagination of Trios?! Their Glenside location managed to snatch some prime real estate on Easton Road, which somewhat reminds me of the fictional Main Street from the movie “Pleasantville”. A perfect, quaint little spot to grab a slice of ‘za in town. The interior is completely modernized. Wall-to-wall glossy hardwood floors lined with a handful of posh tables, enough for roughly 20 hungry patrons to enjoy an intimate dining experience. I absolutely loved the self serve Coke refrigerator, stocked with 50’s style glass bottled Coca Cola. Right away, I noticed that their pizza by the slice was identical to the pizza that I adore from “Trios Trattoria”. I knew from the rip that this was gonna be a killer Sunday lunch.

As I reviewed the menu, I was smitten that they offer a Hawaiian pizza. Since the birth of the doughboys, we have yet to sample a Polynesian pie. What immediately caught my eye was that instead of the same old pineapple and ham toppings that’s been done thousands of times before, Trios scratches the ham and opts for some crispy bacon strips instead. That alone was enough to seal the deal for this pizza. However, It was the freshly diced pineapple that really deserves some blog action. The explosion of sweet and fruity juices from the pineapple totally complimented the salt and crunch from the bacon. It’s almost sexy the way it hits you at first bite, like a chocolate covered strawberry or some sea salt caramel. This pie just wouldn’t be the same if the crust and handle weren’t as thin as they were. I just kept eating and eating like a big, stupid dog who doesn’t realize that he’s full.

The “Meat Lover’s” idea was all Plichter’s doing for a secondary pie. It wasn’t tickling my fancy right away, but after I read that it was smothered in sausage, pepperoni AND prosciutto, I just had to add it to this review. A truly tasty threesome of succulent pork products that would have any vegetarian cringe in disbelief. The sweet sausage had a little zing to it, but my favorite part of this pie were the fatty pieces of cured prosciutto; an aged meat that definitely should make an appearance on more menus. It’s the only meat that’ll be delightfully delectable come it’s 2 year birthday. Believe me, the meat sweats are very real, and I experienced them after putting away 9 slices between these two powerhouse pizzas.

The Trios family of restaurants never ceases to amaze me. You can be assured that a visit to any of their 4 locations within Philly and the surrounding areas will surely end with top notch service, one of the cleanest dining areas you’ll ever lay eyes on and a belly full of some truly fantastic pizzas. I walked away wondering why more places can’t take notes of the success that Trios has had over the last few years. Keep banging out those killer pies, guys!!


I would expect any affiliate of Trios Pizzeria & Trattoria to serve up the same quality as the one I first visited at 4th and Girard many years ago. The original location was my go to place whenever I was at the Fire across the street. So when we were invited to visit their second location in Glenside, they had a lot to live up to.

In my opinion, there’s no better way to spend an afternoon than watching a Flyers game and stuffing your face with pizza. Sure enough, the game was on the television as we entered. (Good start.) The last time I had a Hawaiian pizza had been ages ago, and since I should start incorporating more fruit into my diet in 2013, this was an easy first choice. And to counteract the pineapple from the first pie, going with a meat lovers only seemed natural.

Personally, I always advise whoever visits Trios to go with the thin square pies. Not that there’s anything wrong with their round pies, I just personally prefer the thin crust of the squares. The white Hawaiian pizza blended a mix of sweet pineapple, salty ham, and robust garlic. It was, in all honesty, one of the best Hawaiian pizzas I’ve ever had. And although I usually don’t order the Hawaiian often, I think I’ll reconsider from now on if I’m at Trios. Now the toppings of the  meat lovers were the standard, but their delicious sausage stood out as the primary flavor of the pie. Sometimes a meat lovers can be a little too much for some. So if you’re adventurous enough, go for it. But if you had to pick just one meat  topping, def go with the sausage.

Trios, to this day, has never let me down. Whether you’re at 4th and Girard or in Glenside, you can expect the same great quality and taste.


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