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Pizzeria Beddia
115 E. Girard Ave.


This week’s review belongs to a Philly newcomer. The Rookie of the year of cheese and sauce if you will. This is one that will surely turn heads in the near future. This spot easily has some of best pizza joints in the city taking the walk of shame, like a college freshman chick whose mascara is smeared down her face on a Saturday morning. I’m talking about the 10 week old “Pizzeria Beddia” in Northern Liberties. Located just a stones throw from the ever bustling and ever growing Frankford and Girard, I can almost guarantee you that they’re gonna have the dinner time rush on lock in the coming weeks. Forget Rustica. Forget Trios. This is the new jawn.

As I stood outside of this 2 story brick front building, I had no idea that I was staring into the face of one the finest pizzerias known to man. Other than the decal on the front door window, one might be lead to believe that it was simply a doctor’s office or a nail salon. Blink and you’ll totally miss it. As I entered, the scent of newly dried paint and freshly sanded wood, combined with the heavenly aroma of thin crust pizzas being blasted to perfection changed all that. Behind the counter stood single man sporting a throwback 76er’s snap back as he crushed an ice cold Kenzinger. Confident, comfortable and ready for battle he was. His beard glistened from the softly lit track lighting overhead. His weapon of choice? A deadly pizza peel constructed out of wood and steel that he surgically whipped around like a samurai’s katana blade. I tell you he was ten stories high if he was an inch. This was the man who was solely responsible for this Mecca of bubbly goodness. Not only does he own this newly birthed establishment, but he’s the head chef. Actually, he’s the only chef. You see, Joe Beddia is nothing short of pizza master. If there were a belt ranking system in the kitchen, he’d surely be a 10th degree black belt. He slings pie after pie from 5:30 to 10:30, 4 nights a week (that’s right, a 20 hour work week for all you math nerds). In some cases, he’ll completely sell out his dough halfway through the evening. Who else do you know that can put in half the hours as the other guy and still manage to destroy the competition? The answer is no one. He doesn’t even have a phone here. Oh, you want some pizza? Then strap on your crocs and beat feet to put your order in. It’s actually rather hilarious that Beddia’s advertised phone number is 215-555-5555. Joe jokingly told me that he might get it printed on some t-shirts. I love this idea. Even local critics on “Yelp” are stark raving mad about Beddia; and who can blame them. Nothing but 5 stars all around. Well, except for that one clown who barked “they were a bit pricey for me.” Hey chief, if you’d rather go to Tony’s and grab yourself a half assed, subpar pizza for ten bucks, then that’s your business. Me? I’d rather shell out the Andy Hamilton for a truly great dinner and walk away feeling like I could walk on water. Man, I wish I could beat that imbecile to death with his own shoe.

Beddia’s pizzas are like nothing you’ve ever had the opportunity of tasting. Just watching Joe lay out the foundation of sweet sauce with his trusty ladle, like he was conducting the London symphony orchestra, was mesmerizing. The hand pulled chunks of fresh, whole milk mozzerella were meticulously and cautiously placed within that circle of life. I opted for the ever succulent sausage that Joe grinds up and spices himself from scratch, using pork that’s imported directly from Lancaster County. Some of the best sausage I’ve ever tasted as a topping. After a brief 6 minutes in their 650 degree oven, the finishing touches were put on. This includes a generous grating of old gold gouda and a garnish of a fruity Californian olive oil. Mouthwatering. Bliss. Euphoria. Goosebumps. Just some of the many traits you’ll experience when this pizza hits your lips. I think the final addition of the extra virgin olive oil and grated cheese were what won this Filipino over. I gotta tell you, this is and will forever be the standard for what pizza should taste like.

I fell in love with everything Beddia has to offer the moment I stepped foot through the door. From first bite to the final crispy, blackened crust bubble. I was swept off my feet. If you’re gonna hit this place up, make sure you do it in the near future. I promise you, the pie line will surely wrap around building in the coming weeks. The summer of 2013 belongs to Joe Beddia and his masterpiece. Well done my friend.


There’s a certain comfort that comes with visiting a pizzeria with a short list of options. Such a menu exudes confidence, as if there’s no need for them to offer an abundance of frills; that their pizza can stand on its own. It’s a bold move to say the least, especially for a newly opened establishment that has to compete with the popularity of Pizza Brain. But I can honestly say that Pizzeria Beddia is up to the challenge.

Only a few steps from Johnny Brenda’s, Pizzeria Beddia has seen an amazing response since opening their doors about ten weeks ago. Open four days a week and five hours a day has created quite a buzz, almost similar to having to order your pizza a day in advance from Tacconelli’s. It’s almost a privilege to get there and order a pizza. Don’t plan on eating on eating inside though, since they can only accommodate about eight customers at the most. Personally, the wait time (a little over an hour) and lack of indoor seating wasn’t an issue for me. A couple beers at Johnny Brenda’s made the wait seem nonexistent.

This was one of the few pizzas where you open the box and become immediately excited. The thin crust, charred edges, and hot pickled peppers made my mouth water without even a bite. It was everything I thought it would be and totally worth the hype. I’m actually having a really hard time describing the tastes, but sometimes perfection can’t be described. You can absolutely expect this pizza to be in our top three of 2013. Between Pizzeria Beddia and Gennaro’s Tomato Pie, I am thoroughly impressed with the delicious and rustic pizza coming out of Philly. Crazy concoctions and specialty pies are nice, but nothing can match a finely made plain pizza. Just make sure to check their Twitter before making your way to Beddia. Word of mouth is starting to spread, and they’ve been known to run out of pizzas before closing for the night.


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  1. Nice review. One of my new favorite spots. However, t’s in Fishtown, not Northern Liberties.

  2. Wow…the pizza looks fabulous. I’m glad I have a couple of Doughboys’ names to drop when I reserve my dough. Good luck Pizzeria Beddia!

  3. Trying to set up a photo shoot with him…best way to get in contact with Joe if he doesn’t have a phone?


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